Remove News Articles

We will suppress all negative news articles into the depths of Google, never to be seen again.

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News Article Removals

What do you do when there are negative articles about you? These news articles can have a huge impact on you emotionally and financially.

Don’t worry – We will fix it.

When a person sees something negative about your or your business; they find someone else. These negative results are costing you money and damaging your reputation.

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Here's how we have a 100% success rate

Whilst other companies will charge you for each removal attempt, we charge a more affordable fee that guarantees a result. Utilising the following two methods


Direct Removal

Our in-house legal team formulates professional attempts to have the negative content removed at the source



Whilst attempting to remove the negative results, we are simultaneously suppressing the negative search results – Guaranteeing removal from Page 1.

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Rebuild your reputation

Online Reputation Management Australia is a company focused on helping Australians invest in themselves. We believe that mistakes shouldn’t follow you for eternity and news corporations shouldn’t be as powerful as they are with the power to destroy someone with a single post – we can bring back power to you.

We help individuals, businesses, doctors, lawyers, Job seekers, dentists etc – the list goes on. Enquire now for a free, no obligation proposal.

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