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Why Online Reputation Management Australia for business?

Since the growth of our consumer culture and mass media in the late 1800's and early to mid-1900's, marketing has been in one direction: from marketers to consumers. In today's wired world, the funnel is flipped. Now, everyone can access the Internet from a computer or smart phone. They are a broadcaster, publisher and reviewer all rolled into one. Within seconds of getting your product or service, they can make their opinion known worldwide.

ORMA was created to help businesses & Individuals regain control. Think of us as a Digital PR company, working in the background. We will mould and promote a positive outlook to the public. Giving your business a dominate foothold in the digital sector.

Gain Positive Reviews & Prevent negative content

This feedback site makes it easier for your customers to leave positive feedback and allows you to stop and address negative content before it reaches the Internet.

All ORMA's tailored business packages include a custom feedback website, domain name & 100 postcards to direct all customers to the feedback site. This website presents two options: A good experience & a bad experience.

Customers who have had a bad experience with your business are taken to an online form where they can explain their experience. This form is sent to the owner of the business and is not published online. Customers who have had a good experience with your business are given several different review sites including Google & true local to choose from and leave their feedback.

Professional response & Negative press removal

We will professionally monitor and respond to all third-party sites that relate to your business. All-third party sides including but not limited to: Google, Truelocal, Tripadvisor, Zomato, internet forums.

We will constantly search & destroy negative content. All negative reviews, comments, articles etc that are false, exagerated or posted by competitors will be sought out and removed.

Social Media Management, SEO & Digital Marketing

Using direct and indirect online marketing methods we can increase foot traffic, sales, reviews and social media visits to your business. We can create and deliver engaging social media content and ad campaigns to help you reach your social goals. We also provide SEO services to make your business's website rise above your competitors in Google's search results. Speak to one of our consultants about your goals and we can tailor an ORM package to suit you!