Online Reputation Management Australia

About Us

Businesses use ORMA to:

  • Improve their online reputation
  • Remove unwarranted and untrue negative content
  • track their online presence in comparison to competitors
  • Increase sales through digital marketing methods
  • Create a dominating online presence on all platforms

    Individuals use ORMA to:

    • Remove & bury negative content about themselves online
    • Build, grow & expand their own personal brand on the web
    • Gain employment
    • Track how their name is perceived online with 24/7 alerts & updates


    Why ORMA? Why now?

    Since the growth of our consumer culture and mass media in the late 1800’s and early to mid 1900’s, marketing has been in one direction: from marketers to consumers. In today’s wired world, the funnel is flipped. Now, everyone can access the Internet from a computer or smart phone. They are a broadcaster, publisher and reviewer all rolled into one. Within seconds of getting your product or service, they can make their opinion known worldwide.

    We decided to create ORMA to reach out to businesses and individuals who felt “left out” by the ever changing and fast paced environment of the internet. In our research it was evident that there was no tool in place to help control and promote real user generated content such as reviews. Now there is.

    Today ORMA is used and trusted by many businesses and individuals in Australia. Ranging from Real Estate agents to Law firms, if you are a business that provides a product or service we can remove the online shadow from your head and help you shine.

    About our company

    Online Reputation Management began helping businesses and individuals in 2012 and is situtated in the Sutherland Shire in Sydney, Australia. We believe that all businesses have the ability to shine, they just need someone to light the spark.

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    Working at ORMA

    We are always interested and amazed at the talent throughout the people of our great country. If you believe you can contribute to our team, email us.

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